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May 20th, 2023

Hello Renzinnia Farm Friends!


For starters, we welcomed Mother’s Day Weekend with a bouquet-making event with an incredible turn-out! We’d just like to thank all those who joined the first-ever Renzinnia Farm event for making it so special!


Some new things this week:

Summer seems to be creeping up more and more every day and what better way to bring in the warm weather than to welcome the bees! We’ve got two bee nucs calling Renzinnia Farm home today! Here’s a big shout-out to the Prince William Regional Beekeepers Association where we began our beekeeping journey with them earlier this year. Our wonderful teacher and local beekeeper will be helping us set them up.


So far we’ve got a lot of annuals keeping us busy and have started planting a lot of perennials to keep us going. This includes Delphiniums, Scabiosa, Monarda, Veronica, and Sedums to name a few. 


Some things to look forward to:


Stay tuned for Season 2 of our CSA bouquets. Did you miss the Mother’s Day event? Don’t worry! We have plans for another event just like it in the near future. Updates can be found in weekly newsletters, our website, and our Instagram. See you soon!

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